Innovative R&D

Kayteks that establised the R-D department in 2004 and attaches great importance to research and development has done a lot of work in this area with smart, organic and innovative fabrics. Today, Kayteks has  an advanced R-D infrastructure for technical textiles and nanotechnology. In accordance with the expectations of its customers makes hundreds of fabric work each year.

Fabrics that are developed by Kayteks in accordance innovative works;

Fine and rare fabrics made of cotton

The regenerated cellulose yarns (modal, micro modal, viscose, sensual, bamboo , lenpur)

The fabric produced by the Compact & Siro twisted yarns

Fabric with regular and irregular line effect (s + z yarns, flam yarn, thick & thin yarns, line effect obtained by single coating, metallic yarns, sectioned and shrinkage by using different synthetic yarn)

Double-sided knit textures

The new generation of three yarns (sheep fleece, printed etched textures, leather-look three-thread and two threads)

The new generation of lycra jerseys (needle textures with knit cancellations, flam effect, stripe textures)

The new generation of dri-fit jerseys (sustainable, etching printed on thin + lightweight)

Metering + parts printed and body wash products

Fabrics with different surface effects (wrinkled, shiny, leather-look, carbon suede effect)

The new generation of hybrid fabrics (anti-bacterial effected, aloe-vera effected, UV protected, odor neutralizer)

Moisture control fabric (dri-release, dri-fit, touch and dry wicking windows patented products).

Anti-bacterial and anti-allergic fabrics.

Insect-repellent fabrics.

Heat sensitive fabrics