Social Responsibility

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policies

As having the vision of “Being the strategic partner of the international brands in the home textile industry” and aware of the social responsibilities, our company;

Occupational and Environmental Health – always following the international legislation and the cooperation rules of our customers about the occupational health and operate properly, preventing the environmental pollution and reducing it at its source, occupational health – safety and estimating the environmental risks to keep them under control, preventing the industrial accidents, injuries and occupational diseases

To hold training programs in order to make all the workers aware of their personal responsibilities, to keep the occupational and environmental safety activities equal to the international standards and to renew periodically, to support the suppliers to improve their occupational and environmental health – safety applications correspondingly to the green policy

Guarantees non-stop improvement, attaching the occupational and environmental health – safety goals to the company’s strategic goals.

Social Responsibility Policies;

Our company which has been moving with the principle “Human First” at the every grade of manufacturing and management

Preventing of the employment of child labor;

To move according to the child and young labor procedure and principles and not to employ workers under the age of 18

To prevent employing forcefully

Not employing forcefully and unwillingly bound with a contract

Providing occupied health and safety;

Embrace a proactive approach based on risk analysis, providing participation of all the employees to the occupied health and safety applications and adopting an operating system that keeps the public health of the employees at the first place

Respecting to the rights of organization and collective contract;

Respecting to the rights of employees to register to the authorized syndicate and collective bargaining

Preventing of the discrimination;

Employing people by their capabilities and skills but not by their race, color, language, ethnic origin, marital status, age, pregnancy or gender, besides, to realize; charging, social aid, promotions in the same way

Preventing of the maltreating and abuse;

Respecting to every employee’s personality and honor, executing corporate punishment, not permitting oral, physical or psychological abuse or forcing

Determination of the working hours

In the determination of the working hours to adapt to the statues at large and the obligations, for overtime to adapt to voluntary basis**
Fee and the payments

To make the normal and overtime payments which are determined by the laws and the collective contracts, to provide the social aid determined in the collective contracts to the employees

Preventing the pollution

Adapting to the current regulations about pollution, preventing the pollution and reducing it at the source based on the environment format and impact assessment

Accordance to the customs legislation

Adapting both local and international all the current regulations about the security, taking precautions which comply with preventing the illegal shipping of manufactured goods

Taking security precautions

During the loading to provide getting located of the illegal goods (drugs, explosives, biological and smuggled goods)

Relations with the suppliers

Evaluate the social responsibility activities of the company which is being worked with

Management class

Social relevance, occupied health – safety and environmental management activities according to the laws and regulations, guarantees to provide the persistence and the non-stop improvement of an agreeable management system to customers’ code of conduct and voluntarily applied the “BSCI” management system standards.