Kayteks Knitting Department is the section that the basic input yarn is being transformed into raw fabric in a customer-driven way and getting controlled in fully equipped physical laboratory.Alongside the present printing possibilities of the machines, the new qualities, which are manufactured using different thread types, numbers and colors, are offered for customers’ appreciation. So that, the Ar-Ge team is always ready to work with their experience and professional competence.

The manufacturing capacity on a manufacturing yard over 5.000m2, with a team of 120 people, 16 circular knitting machines and 2 rubber knitting machines which work 24 hours a day is 7 tons/daily.The quality of the fabrics is checked simultaneously by the quality control department.

The fabrics which are manufactured and the quality checked in the Kayteks knitting factory, are directed to the dyehouse after being identified with the barcode system and kept in the stock for a short time.

While the ambient temperature is being kept at 20 ºC and the humidity at %65 by the mainframe, atmospheric conditions are always kept under control in order to knit the fabric according to every customer’s personal expectation.

Current output, machine efficiency and results of quality control might be monitored simultaneously via the Dolphin automation software.With the integration of the software and the manufacturing system in early 2012, the values have been able to monitered online.

Here are the manufactured fabric samples.