Innovative Applications

The reason of having a position in the global textile industry with its high technology, qualified human resources and professional management arguments, is the innovative vision of Kayteks.Always renewing itself, following closely the new trends in the industry and having the proper management and production flexibility in order to adapt to the innovations, Kayteks is one of the innovative companies which has put innovation among his goals.

The Innovative Applications in Kayteks

Product innovation

The smart fabric, which is a masterpiece of nanotechnology, is the new trend in textile industry due to its features such as sensitiveness to heat, changing color, non-retentive, drip-dry, antiperspirant and insect repellent.Kayteks started to manufacture smart fabric in 2005 and has become one of the first manufacturers in Turkey.

Kayteks has been manufacturing eco-friendly fabrics since 2005 from organic the threads obtained from organic cotton, bamboo, modal, tencel, viscose and soy.It has been certified the company’s organic manufacturing with an international certificate.

Organizational Innovation

Customer-Driven Applications

It aims to minimize the inaccuracy and to gain speed by the opinion of working together of the people who serve to the same customer.Now in Kayteks, all of the customer representatives, who serve to the same customer doing logistics, planning, purchasing; are working together as a team in the same room.

Process Innovation

Lean Management Applications

Kayteks started its studies about Lean Management, that is mostly used in the automotive industry and contains the business process, at the beginning of the 2006.This project has started in order to lean manufacture against the crisis of the textile industry, increase the profitability competitive capacity and provide cheaper, more qualified and the accurate service to its customer.With this system, reviewing the process, Kayteks aims to provide always improvements with the kaizens and put into practice a management philosophy that all the workers are within.

Marketing Innovation

Special Collection to the Customer
Kayteks prepares special collections with the team created by designers within.Having its own brands and positioning itself as a manufacturer company Kayteks, with this application realized correspondingly to the existing marketing strategies, aims to receive new orders by preparing alternative production portfolio for the customers.